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World of Outlaws Sprint

The World of Outlaws STP Sprint Cars are a national touring Winged Dirt Sprint Car series racing in the USA and Canada. Controlled by parent company World Racing Group, along with WoO Late Models, Super DirtCar Series and DirtCar Series, the WoO Sprints are touted as " The Greatest Show on Dirt." A rigerous 85 plus race schedule takes the tour to the nations best dirt tracks from February to November.

The extremely loyal WoO Sprint Car fans arrive at their local dirt ovals to watch some of the most action-packed, wheel to wheel slicing and dicing with thrilling slide jobs and wild flipping crashes.  The mid-Atlantic swing of the schedule is of special importance as the Outlaw regulars battle for supremacy over "The Pennsylvania Posse."   

A WoO Sprint Car follows the "Super Sprint" platform also known as a "410" and is a purpose built, open wheel dirt race car. The chassis encompasses barely enough room for the engine, fuel tank,  a single center mounted seat  and suspension mounting which is a solid front axle and a rear quick change differential riding on torsion bars and shocks. The wing is designed in a manner to promote downforce and side bite so that the high horsepower to weight ratio of the car can achieve high speeds and cornering all while maximizing traction on a dirt surface.  A WoO Sprint car is powered by a 410 cubic inch all aluminum American based pushrod V8 with mechanical fuel injection achieving around 900 horsepower. The car's total weight with driver is 1375 lbs giving the car one of the highest horsepower to weight ratio of any race car on the planet that negotiates turns.