Remembering Davey

Remembering Davey

Shirleen Riffe

I didn't follow NASCAR for a time in the late 80's and early 90's as I was a young mother and Sesame Street and Power Rangers took over my television. Now in my older years I have the ability to focus more on my interests both professionally and personally. Learning about the history of NASCAR has become my new hobby and my position in the media has given me the ability to meet and interview many of today’s personalities, but none as thrilling as interviewing members of the NASCAR Hall of Fame including Bobby Allison.

As the anniversary of the death of Bobby’s son Davey loomed last week I began to see the tributes and fond remembrances’ appear on social media. To say that Davey Allison was much beloved by fans would be a great understatement. He was, like many popular sports figures, a member of the family to his fans. They knew his stats on the track but they also knew his favorite food, favorite color, and the name of his pets. I can see in their words, and hear in their voices the pain of having something precious taken from them. A bit of anger at times for a life taken too soon but mostly admiration and wondering … what if?

It doesn’t surprise me when I see the continued outpouring of love for Davey now 23 years since his death. Davey was a young man full of talent with a future in NASCAR that would have undoubtedly led to a career standing toe to toe in his accomplishments to Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon.

I had the pleasure of meeting Davey’s son, Robbie Allison last year and I have followed his burgeoning racing career ever since. I hope in the next few years many fans of Davey’s get to meet this young man. Robbie has that type of charisma that harkens back to his father and grandfather, and to answer the question you want to know… yes he has talent.

Rest easy Davey for Robbie’s career is in the capable hands of long time Allison family friend, NASCAR spotter, driver development manager, and NASCAR team owner, Lorin Ranier. Keep your eyes peeled for news on Robbie Allison because, believe me, the Allison legacy is in good hands. - Shirleen Riffe